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Charlie & Christina Luton

Lead Pastors

Pastor Charlie Luton was born in South Texas and raised in a ministry family. You could almost say it is his blood. Traveling from south Texas to northern Canada and everywhere in between while growing up. Living in multiple States and following the “call” with his parents who were evangelists. After settling back in Texas, his parents started pastoring in a small central Texas town. He fell right in and was the Youth Pastor for 10 years. Later on serving as an Associate Pastor and Administration.

As God was working on his life & new future; he met Christina... the love of his life. Christina is a Louisiana native and was the perfect match and has the same heart for “ministry”. It was literally a match made in Heaven. She had completed Bible School, served/worked at her home church in Baton Rouge, completed mission trips in Mexico & overseas, and helped launch a church in Texas. They got married and jumped right into helping in the local Church and outreaches. Staff duties encompassed all capacities from remodeling, administration, teaching/preaching, etc. God was preparing them for what lied ahead.

One day, they both felt lead to just up and move to the Hill Country of Texas. So, they did; after much prayer... they both knew it was the right choice. Then God, specifically over time, narrowed it down to Blanco, Texas. And after 4 years of living in the area, a vision was set before them to start a church; with tons of prayer and patience... Hill Country Life Church was birthed. It was time. The combined “calling” on their lives to serve as Pastors has lead them to this point and God has done the rest like He always does.

They live on a Ranch and enjoy the simple life. They spend time with their daughter Madison and three crazy rat terrier dogs. They love fishing on the Texas coast together and Charlie is either hunting or collecting arrowheads in his free time.

As pastors, their 'ministry ideology' is simple... preach Jesus, be excellent in all things, and love people like crazy. Their creative leadership and planning is to not ask God to bless 'their plans'; but to fulfill His plans. With an exciting vision for a new generation church in the Hill Country of Texas, that from the early planning stages to start; have charted its own path and gone against the norm... Hill Country Life Church is not your normal church in this area. Gospel-based creative sermon series, back to the fundamentals of building on the Word of God and spiritual gifts, spirit-filled, multi-generational, multi-cultural, priority in discipling and growing others gifts, serving our community... that’s the game plan.


“We will focus on three specific things at HCLC: First and foremost, we will boldly preach Jesus and the cross, every time. Second, we will love people so relentlessly, we will truly win hearts. Lastly, we will serve others with a passion that will ignite them to serve others in the same manner. This will produce an atmosphere that will change the entire Hill Country of Texas & beyond. This is the 'blueprint' Jesus showed us; this same atmosphere of love and hope that Jesus gave in his ministry as we learn from the scriptures. The whole dynamics of places changed as Jesus walked in. As we do this, people will see that Jesus truly is alive and is the answer. We will be imitators of Christ. We will freely give as we were given. Because of Jesus, we will radically pour out hope and let love overflow unto others... this will be the catalyst of a second revolution in Texas... but this one will be a ‘Revolution for the Kingdom of Heaven’."


In Texas As It Is In Heaven

 Pastor Charlie Luton


Our Vision

- Preaching the Gospel Simply -

- Loving People Relentlessly -

- Fearlessly Growing and Discipling -

- Taking Texas and the World for Jesus -

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